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Shuffle n Shake E.P.
Label: AudioLabs
Pre-Release: 23rd Jan 2024 General Sales: 2nd Feb 2024

Press Release.

Mind Manipulation's Shuffle ’n Shake E.P. will take you on a unique 4 track journey from liquid to hard jump-up (and beyond) with its heavy basslines, trip inducing synth leads and crafted drums.
An almost perfect blend of beats to literally make you shuffle n shake on the dance floor.

Track List

Shuffle n Shake, Written and produced by Ken Peralta in 2009. A bouncy jumper-upper with tension building leads that climax into a spacial release that will transport you to the most annoying inner corners of your mind.

Dear Mr McKenna, Written and produced by Poynt Too and Ken Peralta in 2023. Remix Project for the Clown Army Worldwide DnB Cantina homage to Pierrot the Acid Clown. A hard prime-time banger of a track with huge drops, builds and the fattest psychedelic leads on the planet.

Chicken Nuts, Written by Ken Peralta in 2023. The world has gone so nuts, even the chickens now want them. Dabbled with distortion, this inward focusing track will leave you wondering why the place is as it is. Well, its all our fault, so get cracking. We gotta fix it.

Padding, Written in by Ken Peralta in 2012. Has no real meaning. Make of it what you wish. May it fill a void in your soul.

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Mastered by João Apell @ Audiolabs.pt
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Arka Style

The Early Days

Ken Peralta, of Anglo-Portuguese descent, started at the age of 13 as an event organizer and DJ, playing mainly House and Acid-House mixed with original beats made on a Commodore Amiga using Tracker.

He later moved to the UK to train as an Audio Engineer at the Peoples College of Nottingham. He started developing sampled soundscapes and trippy fx, just for fun.

Then, death

After his Brother passed, he returned to Portugal and attended a professional school to train as a systems engineer.

He joined forces with Fred Gândara (Suria) and João Apell (Audialize) and started steering towards the local Trip-Tech and Psytrance scene that was starting out at the time.

Street Style

The Formative Years

The project Mind Manipulation was born. The live-act soon followed and gathered momentum from 2000 to 2004, a few original tracks and collabs were released worldwide.

During the same time, he worked as an audio engineer in Theatre and Video Production companies in Lisbon.

The next step

The Psytrance scene changed a lot, so after being called upon to make 2 D&B remixes of successful hip-hop tunes, he moved towards a more Breakbeat related, trippy soundscape.

In 2005, the return to the UK and his settlement in Bristol helped with the development of his unique style of Drum n Bass, Dubstep and Breaks, complemented with crazy synths, sweeping sounds and heavy basslines.

Street Style

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